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Mother's Day 2016: Last-minute gift ideas; store ads; shopping apps; deals
Debbie Lord, May 6, 2022
You may have forgotten that Sunday’s her day, but I promise you, your mom didn’t. To help you pull off the perfect, “Of course I didn’t forget” gift, we have put together a guide that will make you look like that hero child she tells everyone you are. Oh, and if you are a husband to a mom, don’t even think about pulling out that old chestnut, “No, I’m not buying her anything, she’s not my mother.”
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The App Guide To Planning The Perfect Mother's Day
Lauren Keating, May 05, 2022
Mothers simply are superheroes. Even since before we entered this world, they have been our caregivers.
They have been there to soothe every cry, dry every tear and put a Band-Aid on every wound. For many of us, our moms are more than just our nurses, chefs and teachers, they are also our best friends and our role models.
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Top 5 Christmas Apps - 2014
Sunny Lenarduzzi , Dec 15, 2021

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El Gifto - Gift Ideas Guru
January 08, 2022
El Gifto is your portable, affordable personal shopper - helping you to find the perfect gifts for anyone, even Fido! You simply click on the details of who you're buying for, what their personality type is, the occasion, how much you want to spend and presto!... El Gifto presents you with tons of great gift ideas.
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Mother's Day Apps
May 07, 2022
You're just hours away from Mother's Day and still have no clue what to get your mom. Stop wandering stores aimlessly for ideas and take some direction from El Gifto (free, universal). This app will point you to some presents that your mom will actually enjoy — because no matter how nice of a vacuum you pick out, she will not appreciate the sentiment.
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Price Check Guru

Price Check Guru offers a simple solution for those of us who scan the circulars every day looking to see if the prices have moved. This free app allows you to enter a product (either by scanning its barcode or entering its name) and then enter the target price you’d like to pay for the item.
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Top Mobile Food Allergy Apps Every Sensitive-Foodie Should Have
April 8, 2022
A true food connoisseur’s life revolves around sampling the unique cuisines from their area and around the world, but for foodies with allergies, finding something worth sampling can prove to be much more difficult than your average food lover.
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Fight Your Allergies And Improve Your Life With 5 Great Apps
Mar, 2014
If you suffer from allergies it's bad enough, but when you don't know what is making you feel bad it's even worse. Allergy Journal is designed to help you track and analyze everything so you can figure out what exactly to avoid. Sometimes you don't feel bad straight after you come into contact with something, so how are you supposed to figure things out without a little help? Once you finally get to the bottom of it you'll know how to fight your problems.
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Lullaby Karaoke is the New Way to Rock Baby to Sleep
Selena Kohng , Feb 12, 2022
Lullaby Karaoke is the New Way to Rock Baby to Sleep
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Lullaby Karaoke
Thebabyspotca , Feb 10, 2022
Best thing about this app is that it’s FREE, well almost all of it. The Lullaby Karaoke app is exactly the title. It provides parents with different songs that can be recorded so that everyone can sing to their child.
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Big Bang Partners, LLC Revolutionizes Bedtime with Brand New Lullaby Karaoke App
Feb 07, 2022
The sound of a happy, sleeping baby is music to any parent’s ear – but we all know falling asleep can be difficult for many youngsters. Lullaby Karaoke, an exciting new parenting app, puts a unique spin on bed time. It allows parents to record themselves singing along to lullaby favorites and saving the recordings to play back to their children. Lullaby Karaoke offers a fun way for children to be sung to sleep by the sound of a soothing lullaby sung by their parents, grandparents, family friends, or babysitters.
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Ten For Tuesday
Nikki , Feb 04, 2022
Lullaby Karaoke: The Lullaby Karaoke app is a fun bedtime routine app for kids. With Lullaby Karaoke, kids can use a comforting bedtime routine for a good night’s sleep – karaoke! Parents can use this app to sing their babies to sleep each night. This app allows parents to record themselves singing their favorite lullabies accompanied by unique instrumental tracks in the background. So, even if Mom or Dad (or Grandma/Grandpa even) are out of town, they can still sing their little one to sleep! Parents can choose from a variety of the world’s most famous lullabies, as well as choose between 3 accompanying instruments for each lullaby.
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20 Allergy & Asthma Questions You Always Wanted to Know
FCAAC , Dec 20, 2021
The ALLERGY JOURNAL app is the perfect tool for anyone who suspects they may have allergies and wants to log their food intake for their doctor, anyone who knows they have allergies and wants to pay closer attention to their diet, or for someone who simply wants to utilize a diet-tracker. The ALLERGY JOURNAL app was created by IBKR and is available on both iTunes and Google Play.
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Incredibly Useful Apps for the Holiday Season
Dec 16, 2021
Apple’s free El Gifto app is designed to act as a personal shopper. You just select the giftee’s personality type in El Gifto, then specify the occasion and price range, and this app will provide you with gift ideas. You get to see colour images, descriptions and ratings of proposed gifts. El Gifto also lets you make purchases directly from the seller, so that it doesn’t see or store your address and credit card information. You can even set a target price, and set El Gifto to send an alert message when your product of choice has fallen to that level!
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Xmas Holiday 2013 Gift Ideas APK
KapGain , Dec 14, 2021
Gifto - Gift Ideas Guru is a noteworthy Shopping android app that created by IBKR Analytics LLC on Dec 19, 2012, it gets 3.6 stars,over 5000 El Gifto - Gift Ideas Guru apk.
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Top 5 - Must Have Android App for Xmas
Dec 13, 2021
El Gifto help you to find the correct gift for each person after the description of his personality!
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7 apps to help you survive the holidays
Augustus Loi and Alex Lambert , Dec 05, 2021
The practice of gift-giving at Christmas is a hallowed – and harrowing – experience. Everyone has that one friend blessed with the ability to pick the perfect gift, one guaranteed to inspire coos of joy from both receiver and company alike.
You, on the other hand, just recall that one dud that you suspect now lives a shameful existence at the back of a closet, if it hasn’t already been re-gifted to someone else.
This holiday, try using El Gifto. Set your recipient's gender, age, personality type, and your relationship to him or her, and El Gifto will compile a list of gift options that you can then track or buy in a few clicks.
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Allergy Journal

1. Great app for tracking food allergies, 2. or even simply keep a food diary, 3. The new update not only gives the app a completely new. 4. My doctor was impressed too. 5, Finally a simple app to track foods and symptoms, 6. prescription for feeling better download the app, 7. I feel much healthier after downloading this app, 8. run reports to help you analyze collected data, 9. Really like the report export function, 10. The food auto suggest is clutch, 11. report 1 view all symptoms experienced hours after eating food, 12. professional looking interface, 13. this food allergy journal can help you x201c.
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The Best Food Allergy Journal Apps

Easily enter in foods and symptoms – then generate reports on the go to see if there are any patterns! This is one of the highest rated apps for Android and Apple.
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Price Check Guru
Nov, 2013
Make sure you’re always getting a great price on the items you buy! Stop wondering if the price is going to go up (buy now!) or down (wait til later!). Get peace of mind with Price Check Guru.
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El Gifto (iPhone, Android)
Nov 22, 2021
Looking to save on gifts? Let your smartphone guide the way to savings this season. When it comes to making your holiday shopping a little easier, there are a number of apps to put your mind at ease for both the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone platforms. But which ones to choose? Here are a few recommendations.
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We want to get you the correct size shoes...
August 06, 2021
It has a few steps you need to do to get the correct size. It uses a base line size of an everyday item e.g. Credit card or 1 foot ruler or for us Aussies a thirty centimeter ruler. You need to line your foot up with the item next to your foot then take a photo on your phone. I chose an A4 piece of paper. My helper a friend’s 13 year old daughter, Caitlyn, found it easier with a ruler.
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[iPhone] Determine the dimensions of an object using your camera and Size That Up Free
Tucker , May 07, 2022
You know, I have both rulers and a tape measure kicking around my apartment, but I’ll be darned if I can actually find the darn things when I need them.
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iPhone Gift App, El Gifto – Gift Ideas Guru for Every Occasion
Lisa Vallez , May 20, 2021
If you hate giving gifts because you don’t know what to buy, then you’ll love the Free iPhone gift app that takes the guess work out of the equation.
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Still no Mother's Day gift? It's not too late with these mobile apps
Jessica Naziri , May 10, 2022
Still unsure what to get Mom? The El Gifto app for Apple and Android devices is like a digital personal shopper that helps you find the perfect gift for your mom.
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Mother’s Day Apps (iOS/Android)
Reviewsontherun , May 10, 2022

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40+ Android Apps and Resources to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022-02-11
appstorm , Feb 11, 2022
Such is the nature and manner of the modern life that no sooner does one occasion pass by, another comes calling right on its heels. The holiday season has just got over and the winter has not yet receded yet all of a sudden, there is a certain warmth in the air thanks to the expectant ushering in of St. Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air and all of us are preparing to shower some of it on that special someone.

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Our Picks for top Valentine’s Day Planning Apps
proflowers , Feb 04, 2022
It can be one of the most romantic or one of the most disappointing days of the year. If you’ve struggled in the past to pull off the perfect Valentine’s Day date, take heart. Fortunately, the key to finding the most romantic meal, exquisite wine, or incredible gift are all right in the palm of your hand. We’ve picked a few of our favorite cell phone apps to help you put together a spectacular Valentine’s Day your special guy or gal won’t forget.

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mashery , Dec 20, 2021
Are you scrambling to finish (or start) your holiday shopping? Don’t worry! These apps can help you select, buy and save money on perfect gifts for your family and friends.

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7 shopping apps to save time, money, and score the perfect gift
digitaltrends , Dec 02, 2021
It’s December and you need to buy presents, and fast. To help you in your increasingly frantic search for material happiness, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite apps to help you find the best gifts, save money, and save time.

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50 Best Apps for Surviving Finals
Staff Writers, November 29, 2021
You’ve been told to steer into a skid, to not mix beer and wine, and to dare to be drug free. But how come nobody tells you how to survive final exams? These are not just any tests; these are flunk-a-class, delay-graduation, change-your-life type tests, and there’s more to them than just studying. There’s time management, maintaining health, dealing with stress, and trying to still have a semblance of a life outside school. Use these 50 apps to help you streamline the preparation process and come out whole on the other side.
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Six holiday apps to make Black Friday shopping bearable
Tampa Bay Online , Nov 21, 2021
Black Friday shopping has many hazards, from battling the elements while spending the night outside Best Buy, to battling the boredom from a long, long wait in a crowded checkout line. Fortunately, you've got that trusty electronic device to make things a little easier.

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PadGadget Weekly App Series
Padgadget, Feb 13, 2022
If you are at your wits end looking for the perfect gift for your significant other, try El Gifto. The app generates gift ideas based on certain criteria that you input.

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14 Free Apps in One to Surprise Your Lover
Int’l business times, Feb 13, 2022
El Gifto is a free app that generates gift ideas for all tastes and budgets. All you need to do is type in the gender, age and interests of your significant other and the app will pull up a list of ideas.

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El Gifto iPhone app might change your buying habits for good
appolicious, June 6, 2021
Although I consider myself a thoughtful person who understands and appreciates each of my friends' unique interests, I cannot escape one unfortunate truth: I am terrible at buying gifts.

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